Charlie C. Winningham purchased a combined barn and schoolhouse on Long Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills. With many additions, it became a lovely multilevel country home known as Robin Hood’s Barn. Shown here are Charles, wife Lucille and daughter Gail in the library of their home.

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The Village Woman’s Club was incorporated in May 1956 as a charitable and Educational organization. Since the Club had no permanent site for a clubhouse, space was rented in the Martha Baldwin House in Birmingham.
The house still stands on Maple Road.




This real estate brochure was compiled in 1960 when Lucille made the decision to sell Robin Hood's Barn. Today, several pieces of the furniture pictured remain in The Village Club while many pieces continue to reside in Gail's Florida home. 



The Village Woman’s Club purchased the Winningham House. Renovations made it possible to now offer dining as well as provide space for classes, programs and social events.



 In 1983 it became possible to establish The Village Woman’s Club Foundation with the restating of The Village Woman’s Club Articles of Incorporation



The Cottage was found to be in need of repairs. These were made possible by contributions from the members to a special fund – Gifts from the Heart.



A major renovation, for which plans began in 2005, was completed. It addressed the expanding needs of the Club members and also included a lovely terrace for outside dining and entertaining. The terrace enhanced the gardens and rolling back lawn of the Club.



The educational, philanthropic and social principles, upon which the Club was founded, remain the focus of the Club. Classes, which are also offered to the community, are held; social events; trips and fine cuisine are enjoyed by the membership, while always retaining a gracious and inviting ambience.